Shared Services

Shared Services


In the modern age of business, efficiency is king. The goal of any implemented service or technology is to scale easily, work effectively, and be used thoroughly. By centralizing your services and using them across your organization you can cut costs and improve your

This operational philosophy is known as Shared Services.

At RSG Strategic Services our focus is on providing leading-edge tools and methodologies for organizations wishing to create and operate Shared Services. Our flexible solutions help you create an efficient system that best uses the tools on hand and structures your organization for optimal functionality.

Products and Services

Shared Services toolkit

Our Shared Services toolkit is a “best practice” collection of tools, templates, and methodologies that have been assembled over a dozen shared services implementations for HR, IT and Back Office Administrative Support operations. It Enables you to fast-track the creation of your Shared Services without the need to “re-invent the wheel”, and reduces business risk and guesswork in the process. It Covers Feasibility, Visioning, Benchmarking, Analysis & Design, Build, Transition, Stabilization & Continuous Improvement stages in the lifecycle of a Shared Service. The Shared Services toolkit has a mix of options that can be tailored to your particular Shared Services circumstances and stages in its evolution with practical assistance from Shared Services practitioners who have worked at the creation of Shared Services before.

Shared Service Perform!™

Shared Services Perform!™ is a performance measurement offering used to run Shared Services
operations efficiently and effectively. It can be used to measure agreed KPIs and provide Balanced Scorecard Dashboard reporting. This ensures a regime of relentless improvement.

Change Readiness Diagnostic

The Change Readiness Diagnostic is used to assess the extent of your organization’s readiness for transitioning to a Shared Services operating model.

Shared Services Implementation Lifecycle

IT Modernization

We use technology to simplify and organize your organization by centralizing your tools and services.

Data, Accountability and Transparency

We help organize your firm to better utilize your data and maximize your accountability.

People – Workforce of the Future

We simplify and optimize your organization to maximize your employees’ efficiency.