Cloud Programmatics

Cloud Programmatics


RSG Strategic Services brings a programmatic approach to cloud management, tailored to your organizational needs. We help you assess, select and deploy the right tools to provide you greater visibility, insight, and management of your cloud resources. Our solutions empower our customers – allowing them to proactively track resource spending, manage resource scheduling, implement best practices, reduce costs, and optimize operations.

Technology Adoption - Measure, Manage, and Accelerate Adoption for Improved Value Creation

For businesses that are good candidates for cloud computing, there are significant advantages, such as faster deployment timelines, greater flexibility, lower costs, easier upgrades, etc. To deliver these benefits, most cloud deployments minimize customizations, leveraging out-of-the-box best practice business processes. For those organizations that do minimize customizations, understanding the future processes at the onset of the project presents a great opportunity to clearly identify the change impacts that a deployment will have on the organization very early in the lifecycle of the project. We help customers identify the impact of these changes and determine the best path forward, enabling organizations to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with managing change, and results in much better business decisions.

Why Move to the Cloud?


Cost - No hardware needed, no technical staff required, and no downtime. Only pay for what you use. Flexibility - Scale to your size and your needs at any time. Access your system from anywhere, at any time. Reorganize your platform whenever you like.
Security - Cloud storage companies have the highest level of security available. You no longer have to worry about on premise breaches, physical server security, or needing to keep track of confidential items on individual platforms. Connectivity - Stay in the loop and collaborate with ease using a uniform, live, and current platform. Employees, customers, and shareholders can share real-time data and work together on a dynamic and up-to-date system.

IT Modernization

We bring your organization into the 21st century by helping you optimize cloud-based solutions to provide greater visibility, insight, and management.

Data, Accountability and Transparency

By implementing an effective cloud solution your organization has easier access to reliable data in an open and transparent environment.

People – Workforce of the Future

Through your cloud resources your workforce will be better equipped to accurately and confidently make decisions to propel your organization into the future.