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Since RSG’s establishment in 2023, the company has grown its business based on the core value “Relentless Execution – The Cornerstone of our Clients’ Success.” RSG has earned the respect of its customers by listening, leading and communicating with integrity and honesty while delivering everything with pride.


Microlearning can play a big part in eLearning and learning and development (L&D) circles. RSG offers learning delivered in short, focused bites designed to improve efficiency and retention. It offers the potential to transform the way organizations deliver training to their employees.

Digital Transformation

RSG Strategic Services uses emerging digital tools and state of the art solutions to solve business challenges. At it's core, Digital Transformation is about finding better ways to support and empower the WorkForce, allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.

Shared Services

At RSG Strategic Services our focus is on providing leading-edge tools and methodologies for organizations wishing to create and operate Shared Services. Our flexible solutions help you create an efficient system that best uses the tools on hand and structures your organization for optimal functionality.

Agile ePMO

RSG's AePMO services were developed after seeing traditional PMO methods impede delivery as a result of complicated processes. Our service offering is dynamically responsive and Agile. We target high value areas, shifting priorities and attention to where it’s needed most following The Agile Method.

Data Analytics

RSG uses Data Analytics to develop a clear strategy for moving forward that addresses accountability and transparency. Establishing enterprise goals and the intended outcomes make all the difference in leveraging data analytics for governance, accountability, transparency and tech adoption.

Technology Adoption

Success today is all about harmony and efficiency. With so many moving parts and an ever-expanding business network, it is paramount that we find a way to adopt and engage in new solutions. One of the main solutions in business today is the adoption of advancing technology across multiple areas of need.

Cloud Programmatics

RSG Strategic Services brings a programmatic approach to cloud management, tailored to your organizational needs. We help you assess, select and deploy the right tools to provide you greater visibility, insight, and management of your cloud resources.

Workforce Transformation

Today’s workforce must be agile, highly engaged and able to continually evolve their skills to execute mission requirements. As a leader of an organization, your success depends on access to and implementation of proven workforce management and transformation solutions including building workforce skills, developing leaders, enabling readiness for change, ensuring mission alignment and driving productivity.

Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management challenges facing todays clients are dynamic, decentralized & unlike challenges faced in the past. Highly complex regulated compliance requirements, multi-generational workforce, labor negotiations, engagement, knowledge loss, leadership & learning just to name a few.

Cyber Security Human Capital Management

RSG provides cutting edge Innovative Compliance Solutions in Cyber Security Human Capital Management (CyberHCM©) - focused on building the 21st Century Cyber Workforce through Training, Culture, Policy, Predicative Analytics, Planning & Operations.

Technology Strategy and Transformation

RSG has been privy to both successful and poorly implemented Technology programs. Our experts have seen the negative impact of failed technology programs and know how to avoid pitfalls and ensure compliancy throughout the mission.

Organization Change Management

Our Change Enablement Process Methodology© focuses on activities that align, transform & sustain people, process, strategy & technology in complex regulated environments.

Governance and Process Design

Our Governance and Process Capability Framework© is highly effective at designing Governance, Accountability & Business Processes to achieve strategic, human & business functional alignment.

Knowledge Management

RSG‘s Knowledge Engagement Paradigm© is fundamental to orchestrating the workflow of mission critical requirements. Knowledge Strategic Planning, Learning Technology Strategies; Interoperability Knowledge Programs & Predicative Analytics is fundamental to knowledge success.

Program Leadership

RSG utilizes best practices to implement methods tailored to client’s needs & develop standards to ensure compliance & measurable results focusing on the human factor of major technology & process change.